Water Filtration Systems

While we like to think of our drinking water as pure and healthy, all water is contaminated with microorganisms, minerals, chemicals and other pollutants. The EPA sets standards for over 80 contaminants, and state or municipal water regulations help to monitor impurities and protect public health. To detect and treat the water issues specific to your neighborhood and home, Elek Plumbing recommends a free, professional water analysis.

Benefits of Whole-House Filtration

Water impurities can be natural or created by human activity, and they are not always harmful. Unfortunately, some contaminants play an adverse role in your family’s health and comfort, while others reduce plumbing and appliance performance. With the right whole-home, high-efficiency filtration system, you can remove pollutants, minerals and sediment to improve your water’s taste and smell or purify it for drinking. Professional filtration also minimizes the corrosive effects of water, contributing to a longer lifespan for your plumbing, water heaters and other appliances.

Benefits and features of high-caliber, Elek-installed home filtration systems include:

  • Enhanced health & safety. Whole-home water filtration systems produce healthier water by removing disease-producing microorganisms, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pesticides and insecticides, radioactive elements and mineral scale.
  • Clear, high-quality water. When sediment occurs in water, it leaves a hazy look that also impacts taste. Cutting-edge filtration systems remove dirt, clay and other sediment types from your water—so water looks, tastes and smells clean and fresh.
  • Neutralizing capability. Acidic water takes a toll on pipes and plumbing fixtures, since acid eats away at the metal. Some whole-home filters work by neutralizing your water supply and reducing acid content.
  • “Smart” technology. Many of today’s water filtration systems put diagnostics at your fingertips, making it possible to control your water filtration system from a handy companion app. Use the app to monitor water usage and receive water quality updates or valuable maintenance alerts.
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Types of Whole-House Filtration Systems in Allentown & Bethlehem

Elek Plumbing carries and installs filtration systems tailored to your home’s unique water characteristics. Ask your Elek SuperSTAR about customized solutions like these:

  • Backwashing filters
  • Non-backwashing filters
  • Iron filters
  • Arsenic reduction systems
  • Nitrate reduction systems
  • Sulfur reduction systems
  • Ultraviolet sterilizing systems
  • Reverse osmosis drinking water filtration

Elek’s custom water treatment services produce clean and softened water for showers, drinking, cooking and household chores. Water filtration is a science, so we partner with an experienced, industry-leading dealer to select filtration media and develop your custom water treatment solution. The result: healthier, better-tasting tap water, longer appliance life and improved home maintenance.

Schedule a Free Home Water Test

Elek’s free, professional-grade water analysis pinpoints mineral content, identifies pollutants and tests the acidity of your home’s water. To request a personal water treatment solution for your Lehigh Valley home, call 610-432-7001 or inquire online. Water filtration systems are easy to operate and come with best-in-class warranties. For your convenience, Elek Plumbing partners with a reputable financial institution to provide affordable financing options and exclusive online savings to customers in Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, and Northampton Counties.

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