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If you have a well, a whole house water treatment filtration system is essential to ensure that your home has the highest quality water possible. There are several different types of systems, including whole house filtration systems and whole house filters. In this article, we’ll compare the filtration systems and filters offered by APEC, iFilters, Pelican, and SpringWell. While we won’t go into detail about each one, we will give you a general idea of how they work.


The SpringWell whole house water treatment filtration system is an excellent option for homes with private wells. The filters it uses utilize the latest water filtration technologies, which improves the taste and color of your water without affecting the pressure of your pipes. The filters are also capable of eliminating contaminants such as iron, sulfur, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. Additionally, the filtration system is very low-maintenance, and requires little or no maintenance.

The SpringWell ULTRA whole house water treatment filtration system features 4 filtering stages. A 2 layer activated carbon media removes a wide range of organic compounds, while the copper-zinc KDF filter purifies water of heavy metals. Additionally, a sediment filter removes undissolved particles larger than 5 microns. The system also contains a UV purifier that destroys harmful pathogens by disrupting their cellular structures.

The SpringWell ULTRA system achieves a remarkable flow rate. It is a little more expensive than the Aquasana Rhino, but it comes with more advanced features and an impressive warranty. The ULTRA system removes more well water contaminants than similar systems, including iron. In addition, this system also features the highest-rated sediment filter in the industry. The springwell ULTRA is a great option for homeowners who want a complete water treatment system.

Installing the SpringWell water filter system is fairly simple, and the company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. It is also easy to install, though it may require some basic plumbing knowledge and household tools. The system is easy to maintain, but you will need to periodically replace the pre-filter. Changing the filter is a simple process and only costs about $35. You may even be able to do it yourself if you have basic mechanical skills and some patience.

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The APEC Whole house water treatment filtration is a great option for a home’s water supply. It removes chlorine, sediment, chemicals, odors, and other contaminants from your water, making it perfect for the whole house. It is also an excellent choice for light commercial applications. To learn more about APEC Whole house water treatment, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 610-432-7001.

This filtration system comes with an automatic backwash feature, allowing you to clean it automatically. You can install it yourself or hire a plumber to do it for you. The filtration system has two filters that are connected by connector pipes. The filters remove chlorine, VOC chemicals, and taste and odor from water, while also removing calcium carbonate, magnesium, and limescale from the water supply.

The APEC Total Solution system combines the most sophisticated water filtration technologies to offer different levels of treatment for your water. This filtration system is made specifically to deal with the contaminants found in modern water. It features a 3-Stage filtration system and is compatible with any size home. The two whole house water treatment systems work together to protect your home by removing chlorine, organic compounds, and harmful contaminants from the water you use every day.

The APEC Whole house water treatment filtration systems are incredibly cost-effective. You will also save a lot of money on electricity bills and bottled water. APEC has been manufacturing water filtration systems for 17 years and manufactures four major models. All four products are NSF and WQA certified. You can expect to see significant savings on your water bills, and your household’s health will improve.


An iFilters whole house water treatment filter can be an affordable way to improve the quality of your water. Its transparent housing makes it easy to see what sediment is built up inside. Its cartridges are easy to replace and last about 3 months to a year. Depending on the model, you may find it easy to install or difficult to remove. Installation instructions are usually provided with the product. To clean carbon filters, you should use a disinfectant or bleach.

The iFilters XWH-1000 whole house water filtration system can remove pollutants, including sediment and other harmful substances, from your water supply. This system can reduce chlorine and sediment and improve the taste and smell of your water. Its large capacity of one million gallons makes it ideal for homes with well water. Its high capacity allows you to use it throughout your home and has built-in pressure relief valves for peace of mind. The iFilters LWH-D has a flow rate of up to 3 gpm, making it ideal for many different applications.

The premium iFilters whole house water filtration system removes even the most stubborn contaminants from your water. With its UV sterilizer and salt-free water softener, this system can treat water for four people for five years. And because it features a three-stage filtration process, it can filter a large house water supply for a busy family of four. You can be sure that your water will taste and smell better than ever. And thanks to the low-cost, easy maintenance, and easy installation, an iFilters filter system is a breeze to install and use.

With an iFilters water treatment filtration system, you can control the amount of sediment in your water without worrying about contamination from a well. It also filters sediment, silt, and scale particles and reduces chlorine and other harmful contaminants. This system is also NSF-approved for safety. A good water treatment system should remove 99 percent of contaminants from your water. The system can also eliminate VOC’s, which can ruin appliances and other vital components in your home.


The Pelican whole house water treatment filtration systems are made to remove chemicals, sediment, and bacteria. They are NSF certified and meet standards for chlorine removal and material safety. The carbon media used in the system is made of catalytic coconut shell, which reduces bacteria and other organic contaminants. The carbon media also prevents channeling of water through the system. This system eliminates the need for water softeners and pitchers, so you’ll never have to replace the filter media again.

The water in your home will look milky or cloudy if it is contaminated. If the water is brown or cloudy, it is most likely due to iron, which is harmful to your vital organs. The filter should be cleaned every six months to maintain its effectiveness. The carbon dust clogs the water filter’s pores, which slows down its flow. The O-ring should be checked for breaks or flattening, and replaced as necessary.

When purchasing a whole house water treatment filtration system, it’s important to consider the flow rate of the water. Generally, larger households need more GPM than smaller ones. The Pelican whole house water filtration system has two different sizes, geared toward small houses with one to three bathrooms and larger households with four or more bathrooms. It requires two filters: a sediment pre-filter and a sediment filter. Changing the pre-filter is easy and costs less than $20 per replacement.

A Pelican water softener is an excellent alternative to a traditional water softener. These systems have low water consumption and no waste, and they also save energy. The Pelican water softener is certified to be 99.6% effective and is a great addition to any whole house water treatment filtration system. The Pelican water softener is certified by NSF to remove hard water and prevent scale buildup.


The GE Whole house water treatment filtration system can provide several benefits. One of the benefits of a heavy-duty filtration system is that it lets you see what is filtering your water, even when it’s installed in the basement. This system is highly effective and can keep your water clean and safe for drinking and cooking. Moreover, it can filter your water at the main supply, saving you the hassle of changing the filters often.

GE Whole house water filtration system removes sediment, scale, dirt, rust, and other aesthetic impurities. It also reduces the mineral deposits and tastes in water. The GE Whole house water filtration system is easy to install, too. This system is certified by the NSF and meets Certification 42. Despite its low price, the GE Whole house water treatment filtration system still delivers respectable performance.

Using a high-quality whole house water filtration system is a necessity for any homeowner. It ensures the health of your family even years down the road, and it saves you money on bottled water. The filtration system connects to your main water line as soon as it enters the house. It reduces sediment, scale, dirt, and rust in water, as well as odor.

GE’s single-stage High Flow filter is a budget-friendly option. The system uses sediment filter and granular activated carbon to remove chlorine, rust, and sediment from your water. In addition to its low price, this system is easy to install and replace. It also requires a replacement filter every three months. It’s important to know that the GE Whole house water treatment filtration system will protect your family’s water from harmful minerals.

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